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Cosmetic Tattooing Training

Beginners and Advance training offered

If you’re interested in up-skilling, re-educating or starting a new and exciting business in the industry, CTM has flexible training options to suit your individual needs. 

Our training facility has everything you need, you just need to bring yourself, a keen desire to learn and we will provide everything else! 
    • Kits, videos and manuals will be provided before the selected days. This will allow us to get straight into hands on without having to complete hours of theory.
    • Homework, test and full face practice pads for each module are to be completed at a competent level before the training. 
    • In addition to the full days of training, 2 weeks before we will have a 4 hour day of practising strokes and techniques.
    • You will be provided with a detailed cosmetic tattooing manual that covers everything you need to know. 
    • Indemnity, doctor forms provided 
    • Lunch provided each day
    • Intense and intimate training – One on one
    • Models are provided for you or welcome to bring your own
    • Certificate of excellence received upon successful completion
    • Ongoing mentoring and support 


  • Consultations, clients notes, preclusions
  • Government legislation
  • Anatomy & Skin biology
  • Problem-solving
  • Microorganisms & disease
  • Hygiene, PPE, infection control prevention and waste disposal
  • Colour theory, migration, colour correction
  • Preparation & Aftercare
  • Product knowledge and recommendation
  • Correct depth
  • How to achieve the best possible healed result
  • Stroke patterns
  • Choosing the proper blade & needles
  • Hand & blade positioning, skin stretching, posture
  • Pigment mixing
  • Problems with colour retention
  • Pigments changing colour in the skin and how to correct or guard against it
  • Practice on silicon pads
  • Hands-on training
 Beginners Eyeliner Tattoo Course (2.5 days) One on one training 
 The course includes:   (Kits included) 
  • Live demos 
  • Latex work 
  • Q & A
  • Hands-on models x 4 models 
  • Lash enhancement 
  • Thin eyeliner 
  • Pixel tattoo 
  • Shaded liner 
  • Winged eyeliner 
Total: $3500
 Beginners Lip tattoo Course (2.5 days) One on one training 
 The course includes:   (Kits included) 
  • Live demos 
  • Latex work 
  • Q & A
  • Hands-on models x 3 models 
  • Lip line and blend
  • Contourless lip stain 
  • Full lip 
Total: $3200
Beginners Brow Tattoo Course (5.5 days) One on one training 
The course includes:   (Kits included) 
  • Live demos 
  • Latex work 
  • Q & A
  • Hands-on models x 6 models 
  • Powder brow
  • Ombre brow
  • Nano feather stroke
  • Shading brows, Combination brows 
  • Removal solution  
Total: $6500
Advanced Training – Units include 
  • Eyebrows (Nano Feather stroke, Ombre, Combination or Powder Brow)
  • Eyeliner (Winged, Shaded, Enhancements or Pixel) 
  • Lips (Contourless, Lip line and blend, Tinting or Full lip)
Advancing in your talent: (2 days) One on one training 
 Course includes:  
  • Live demos 
  • Latex work 
  • Q & A
  • Stretching and posture 
  • Product revision
  • Tips and tricks 
  • New techniques to deliver better results
  • Hands-on models x 2 models per unit 
  • Gift bag and comprehensive manual included 
Total: $3300
Please feel free to contact us to get a personalised quote on your specific needs.

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