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“Shelley is excellent! I have gotten my eyebrows tattooed three times now and have had a great experience every time.

Shelley is super professional and knowledgable, she listens to what I like and I have loved the results every time.

I am an athlete and getting my eyebrows tattooed has been one of the best decisions I have made, I feel confident and great even when I am sweaty and working hard! Look good, feel good, play good 🙂 I am thinking about getting an eyeliner tattoo next! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

– Olivia Rogowska

“Shelley is so lovely and my experience with “Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne” was fantastic.

I had never done anything like this before and shelley made me feel so at ease and confident. I love my eye liner tattoo and would definitely recommend to everyone considering it!”

– Jessica Hubbard

“At first, I was a little apprehensive at the thought of having my eyebrows tattooed but after seeing the results, I am a believer!

Shelley was great right from the get go. She let me know exactly what to expect and how to look after my eyebrows to maximise my results.The very next day I had work colleagues complimenting me on my eye make up although the only difference was I had my eyebrows done! Tattooed eyebrows really add another dimension to your make up and makes your eyes ‘pop’. Even without any make up, showered and fresh faced, it gives you just that little extra.My eyebrows look completely natural as Shelley uses a ‘feathered’ look rather than that old school block out.I highly recommend Shelley at Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne!”

– Liz Moreno

“I had recently heard about skin needling, but was simply waiting for the right time, right place.. Shelley offered me both.

We spoke of what the procedure entailed, results I would achieve, and if it was right for me.I was more than pleased after my first session, in fact, I was amazed at the immediate softness and youthful look of my skin.

The procedure was actually more natural and delicate than I expected. It is a perfect addition to my beauty regime..I can’t wait until my next treatment! Thanks Shelley 🙂 ”

– Tanya Bowe

“Shelley is amaaaaazing!!

I had my eyebrows done (awesome) and then I decided to go for my lips as well (faaaabulous). I am so pleased with the result as is my main man – double bonus.

I found Shelley to be really passionate about her work and a true professional.

She listens to what you like and what you want. She really does want to make sure that you leave knowing that not only that you’re happy with the result but that she is 120% pleased too. She makes you feel really comfortable and I would not hesitate to recommend Shelley to anyone who may be a little aprehensive about making a huge decision to get parts of their face “inked”. It’s the best investment I’ve made and I love the result – thanks heaps Shelley. ”

– Angie

“I had my eyebrows tattooed previously by another tattoist. I was not happy with the results, so I tried Shelley and am more than happy. Shelley corrected the faults and gave me better shape and colour than I had naturally. She has a very good eye for symmetry.

Shelley is very professional and a pleasure to spend time with, she makes the whole procedure fun and pain free!! “

– Debbie Newton

“I got my eyebrows done by CTM and after years of having bad eyebrows and being self conscious of them, I’m now so happy!! I’ve been getting lots of compliments,

it saves me so much time in the morning!

Thank you so much. ”

– Kylie Scott

“Shelley is fantastic! I’ve had my eyeliner, brows and lips tattooed and the best compliment I get is from those who are surprised that I’ve had anything done. The results are so natural. I would not trust anyone else! “

– Rachel Gregory

“Shelley’s professional attitude, creativity and enthusiasm as a makeup artist makes her an indispensable asset to my team! “

– Macushla Burke, Fashion Photographer.

“I had almost non-existent eyebrows and had always wanted to get them tattooed. I resisted because of my low threshold to pain. At the consultation

Shelley made me feel at ease about the procedure.

I just love my eyebrows and the only regret I have is that I didn’t get them done sooner!” – Lisa, Doncaster

” Thank you so much Shelley for doing such a great job on my eyeliner tattoo! I was very nervous and you made me feel very relaxed.
I was so surprised it didn’t hurt at all!
Thanks again, I look forward to getting my eyebrows done next week.”
– Anita

“I have been working with Shelley professionally for many years in the fashion industry. Shelley’s work as a make-up artist is unique and effortless.

Shelley understands make-up artistry intimately from her extensive work as a model, being a canvas for make-up as well as bringing her own personal style to her work.

I have worked with many make-up artists over the years but recently chose Shelley to do the make-up for my wedding , as I believe she has a natural intuitive approach to her work, bringing out the individual beauty of each of those she works with while remaining true to their personality. I couldn’t have been happier with the results from my wedding and got a huge amount of positive feedback from guests. My bridesmaids were delighted with Shelly and couldn’t stop commenting on how nice she was and what a difference that had made to our day. I couldn’t recommend Shelley highly enough.”
– Sophie Ruolle (O’Dwyer), Essendon.

“I remember for years, I felt held back from doing anything adventurous due to my drawn on eyebrows, I was afraid that if I went swimming or overheated, my eyebrows would disappear. Since having the tattoo, my whole life has changed. I feel a sense of freedom.”
– Katherine, Box Hill.

“I love my new lips and eyebrows! My face is perfectly framed now and I feel that I don’t need as much makeup. Thank you for increasing my self-confidence and saving me hours of makeup application time a week.”
– Nicole, Hampton.

“Each time I have had my hair and make up session with Shelley it has been extremely professional. I have had lots of positive feedback from many people and have also seen the fantastic results in my television interviews.

The make up application is perfect.

The hair styles have always been appropriate for each different job description.”
– Naomi, U Nome Security.

“I have had many bad experiences with getting hideous orange spray tans and just about gave up until Shelley had tanned me. I love the Tuscan tan products she uses and am thrilled every time with her smooth application. I am so addicted to spray tanning, I get them now every 2 weeks.”
– Tiffany, Elwood.

“Making my sparse eyebrows look acceptable every morning was a time consuming chore and then by midday most of it had rubbed off. In the evening before a night out was even more difficult, bad light and eyesight only led to more frustration. The other problem was finding an eyebrow pencil that was the right shade and then by the time you needed a new one they had discontinued the colour! After having my eyebrows tattooed I now can start my day with confidence and a saving of time and frustration, it has been fantastic, freeing myself from all that stuff.

After the procedure my eyebrows looked too dark but Shelly assured me that 40% of the colour was the ink lying on the skin. I followed the post care rigidly, and after about 4 days the ink started to flake off and my eyebrows appeared. I was delighted with the result and 6 months later am still delighted. I have been complimented may times as to the shape and colour by makeup friends of mine, which is the real mark of the successful outcome. Shelly was patient, proficient, careful and approachable with any concerns that I had in the pre and post procedure period.”
– Anje Bos, South Yarra.

“I am in my mid 60’s, and it is very hard for me to apply my makeup every morning due to my lack of eyesight. Having

cosmetic tattooing has helped me feel more comfortable with how I look on a day –to- day basis

and I don’t have to worry about if I’ve got my makeup on straight.”
– Mary, Doncaster.

“For anyone wanting cosmetic tattooing done, I highly recommend Shelley from CTM. She was very professional, through and was also thoughtful within her technique, making sure I was happy with the makeup simulation and comfortable during the procedure”
– Katie Green, Kew.

“I have been getting spray tans from Shelley Bledsoe now for the past 8 months. I previously had tried other salons, but wasn’t happy with the results. Shelley’s spray tans are much more even and give that really natural look as though you have just been kissed by the sun or gone to the Gold Coast for the weekend. I see her every 7 to 10 days and I am hooked! I will never go out into the sun again. I highly recommend her talent, and don’t know how I could survive being white ever again.”
– Manuela Raschella, Toorak