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We offer 4 types of Eyelash Extensions at CTM.
We use only the best glues, lashes and techniques to ensure longer-lasting lashes with maintaining optimal lash health to the highest level! From fluffy to extra fluffy, different colours, we love using Lashbox LA as our supplier.
We design our own fan lashes whilst performing the procedure, rather than using pre-made that weighs your lashes down and creates an artificial look along with destroying the lash long term. Our meticulously strategic fan extensions have exactly the right weight for each lash that can range between 3 to 10 ultra-lightweight extensions for one natural lash.
Our technician is the best in the trade with her super soft handed technique, you won’t even know she’s there, just lay back and have a snooze!

Classic Eyelash Set
A set of lashes for a natural weightless look using only one thicker individual lash extension to fill in what you’re missing. This is best for lash newbies or those who want a natural look or who have a full lash line already. Easy to wear and maintain.
Time: 1 hour

Hybrid Eyelash Set
Hybrid eyelash extension is in-between Classic and Russian lash. Create more volume by adding more fan extension to each lash.
Time: 1.5 hour

Russian Volume Eyelash Set
With Russian 3D volume lashes, you are getting a thicker, more dramatic look even if the real hair is sparse. Looking soft and extra fluffy and last the extra mile due to their lightweight fans.
Time: 2 hours

Mega Volume Eyelash Set
Creating symmetry and balance with the perfect set of 6-12 light long weight fan lashes on each individual lash. This is the MEGA Volume of all lash looks that will give you the fullest, most dramatic look with up to jet black extensions. Only to be performed by a highly-skilled artist.
Time: 3 hours

Look after your lashes and they will last just as long as your natural lash cycle, being 4-6 weeks. Maintenance refills should be between 3 weeks to avoid patchy areas and to continue a glamorous lash.
Aftercare packs supplied with detailed instructions on how to maintain your luscious lashes.